Gestational Surrogate Compensation

It takes an extraordinary person to become a gestational surrogate. The gift that a surrogate provides is a remarkable and generous one. In addition to the feeling of joy you experience as a surrogate, we will help to ensure that you are paid for your efforts, including generous compensation for surrogacy-related expenses. Surrogacy isn’t just a gift for someone else’s family—it’s a gift for yours, too. The money you’ll receive can help you support your family or fulfill a lifelong dream.

Gestational Surrogate Compensation varies based on your region, if you are a first-time or experienced surrogate, if you carry surrogacy-friendly insurance and a single versus multiple pregnancy.
Recommended Base Compensation for first-time Surrogate (Variable; determined by surrogate. May be higher or lower based on whether or not the GC has health insurance that covers a surrogate pregnancy.)


Total Compensation will include the additional surrogate fees listed below. (Variable; determined by surrogate)



Recommended Experienced Surrogate Compensation (Variable; determined by surrogate) additional $10,000-$15,000
Additional Surrogate Fees:
Med Start* $1000
Embryo Transfer (upon completion of embryo transfer)* $1000
Monthly stipend for miscellaneous expenses: $200/month, estimated 15 months* $3,000
Travel Expenses for Surrogate and Companion (If Applicable)* Actual
Maternity Clothes* $750-$1000
Psychological Support from a Licensed Mental Health Professional* Actual
Multiple pregnancy – per additional fetus* $5,000
Dropped or Mock Cycle* $500
Invasive procedure compensation – per occurrence (D&C, CVS, cerclage, etc.)* $1000-$2,000
Loss of one or more fallopian tubes* $1,000
Ectopic pregnancy surgery* $1,000
Cesarean section* $3,000
Hysterectomy* $5,000
Gestational Surrogates Lost Wages Actual
Partner’s Lost Wages Actual
*The compensation noted is a guide. Actual compensation is negotiated between the Intended Parents, Gestational Surrogate, and their attorneys.