Estimated Surrogacy Expenses

Many factors determine the overall cost of surrogacy. The information below is provided to assist in your planning and does not constitute a contract. Except for our agency fees, these are estimates and can change at any time without notice. Your surrogacy arrangement may cost more or less depending on your personal circumstances.


Gestational Carrier fees are held in an escrow account and include:

Baseline compensation for a 1st time surrogate: paid in equal monthly installments after ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy $25,000 – $30,000
Baseline compensation for an experienced surrogate: paid in equal monthly installments after ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy $30,000 – $35,000
Embryo transfer $500
Monthly stipend for miscellaneous expenses: $200/month, estimated 15 months $3,000
Maternity clothing allowance (singleton / multiples) $500/$750
Gestational Carrier Fee Total: $34,000 – $46,250 estimated
Compensation amounts are estimates. Compensation will vary based on circumstances and region.
In depth screening of Gestational Carrier and Partner (if applicable): criminal background check(s), psychological evaluation, home visit, pre-match expenses, GC travel, GC insurance, coordination of match meeting(s) and professional independent review of the Gestational Carrier’s health insurance policy. Also includes criminal background check(s) of Intended Parents. Fee is payable to Dakota Surrogacy and is due upon execution of our Agency Agreement.
Non-Medical Screening Fees Total: $3,000 estimated
All fees not payable directly to Dakota Surrogacy are held in escrow by a licensed and independent escrow agent. The escrow agent charges a flat fee of $700 plus $10 per check issued from the account. Escrow agent processes all payments and reimbursements to your Gestational Carrier and will provide you with a monthly account statement.
Escrow / Trust Account Management Fee: $1,000 estimated
Intended Parents are responsible for all pregnancy, prenatal and delivery related medical fees not covered by insurance. Amount will vary depending on the insurance policy and medical circumstances. An average is listed below.
Pregnancy and Delivery Uncovered Expenses: $5,000 estimated
Our in house attorney generally drafts all surrogate contracts for our program. Intended Parents are responsible for their attorney fees, as well as those of the Gestational Carrier.
Intended Parents Legal Counsel (For contract review & negotiation contract, parentage proceedings, etc.) $3,000 – $7,000
Gestational Carrier Legal Counsel (For contract review & negotiation contract, parentage proceedings, etc.) $3,000 – $7,000
Legal Fees Total: $4,000 – $10,000 estimated
Although we work hard to keep our fee low, our comprehensive services still include everything you’ll need for a successful surrogacy journey, including: locating and fully screening outstanding Gestational Carriers, facilitating match meetings, home visits, coordinating with legal counsel, clinics and other industry professionals, and support of you and your Gestational Carrier every step of the way.
First Installment, due upon execution of Agency Agreement $5,000
Second Installment, due upon execution of Surrogacy Contract $15,000
Dakota Surrogacy Agency Fee Total: $20,000
Variable Expenses*
Maternity insurance coverage Varies
Gestational Carrier’s Lost Wages Varies
Hotel and Meals for Transfer Bedrest Varies
Disability and/or Life insurance Varies
Counseling for Gestational Carrier $1,000
Multiple pregnancy – per additional fetus $5,000
Dropped or Mock Cycle $500
Cesarean section $1,500
Invasive procedure compensation – per occurrence (D&C, CVS, cerclage, etc.) $500
Lost wages, housekeeping, childcare – due to physician ordered bed rest Varies
Partner’s lost wages Varies
Gestational Carrier’s travel expenses Varies
Breast milk – $250 per week (if agreed upon in Surrogacy Contract) Varies
Fetal reduction $750
Ectopic pregnancy surgery $1,000
Labor induction due to no heartbeat or abnormalities $2,000
Loss of one or more fallopian tubes $1,000
Loss of uterus $2,500
Hysterectomy $5,000
*Dakota Surrogacy requires a $20,000 surplus deposit into escrow for variable expenses, due upon execution of your Surrogacy Contract. This deposit is fully refundable approximately three to five months after the conclusion of your surrogacy journey, minus any required variable expenses paid out.
IVF / Clinic Medical Fees
All costs associated with the IVF procedures or fertility clinics, including but not limited to medical testing, screening, laboratory, medications, ultrasounds, and doctor visits (whether for Intended Parents or Gestational Carrier) are in addition to this fee structure and will be paid directly to your doctor and/or clinic. Please contact your clinic for a complete listing of additional costs. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining your clinic’s fees for your Gestational Carrier’s medical appointments and procedures, as well as referring you to an Egg/Sperm Donor agency.
DISCLAIMER: The information in this fee structure is meant to assist you in planning your surrogacy and is only an estimate. There are many factors that determine the overall cost of a surrogacy. Yours may cost more or less depending on your circumstances. These amounts are subject to change without notice.