Surrogacy Process

We strive to make becoming a parent through surrogacy a seamless and rewarding process for you and your surrogate.

Dakota Surrogacy offers a comprehensive, full-service surrogacy program, guiding intended parents through their entire surrogacy journey.


Helping to navigate you from the very beginning, we are honored by the trust and confidence you place in us and we never take that for granted. We always try to match you with a surrogate that exceeds your expectations. With extremely strict requirements, you can rest assured that we will match you with a surrogate that is right for you.


Along your journey to parenthood, we will offer gestational surrogate matching, case management, trust account oversight, and the legal services you need. We will also arrange for you to work with licensed mental health professionals, top reproductive physicians and licensed insurance agents.


We call on the expertise of our experienced in house surrogacy attorney to prepare surrogacy contracts on your behalf, negotiate with the gestational surrogate, and obtain pre-birth court orders of parentage to safely and legally complete your family.


We believe that surrogacy is a personal process, one that is based in meaningful, collaborative relationships. That’s why we personally get to know each of our surrogates through an intensive screening process, including interviews, questionnaires, background checks, medical records review, and more.


From finding a surrogate to establishing parentage through a pre-birth order, Dakota Surrogacy is here for you. We can’t wait to be a part of this exciting experience and to provide you with everything necessary to make your wishes of becoming a parent a reality.


To begin your journey toward parenthood, contact us today!