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At Dakota Surrogacy, we tailor our surrogacy program to fit your needs.

We work closely with our gestational surrogates and intended parents, keeping the interactions personal, making ourselves available, and minimizing the opportunities for stress. We are committed to guiding you through this entire process and are confident you will feel the quality and unique care Dakota Surrogacy provides as we experience this incredible journey together.


Emilee Gehling
Co-Founder & Operating Director

Emilee Boyle Gehling is a married mother of four and a lawyer focused on gestational surrogacy and adoption. She has been involved in upwards of 100 surrogacy matters and cases. Emilee finds great satisfaction in uniting parents with a child or giving them a chance to start a family through surrogacy. As a mother herself, she understands the joy and meaning a child brings to the home and works hard to make that joy a reality for each family. Emilee is a former Mrs. Iowa International (2019). She used her platform to support local charities and bring awareness to the discussion on alternate ways to grow a family. She partnered with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to make this initiative a reality, a national non-profit that promotes foster care adoption. Emilee was thrilled to use this opportunity to bring light to an issue she is truly passionate about. She is a professional, competent presence dedicated to seeing her passions come to life.





Traci Boyle
Co-Founder & Intake Coordinator

Traci loves hearing the stories of surrogates and intended parents and loves helping them through the complexities that make up the process of surrogacy. She schedules and coordinates with potential and current intended parents and assists with daily operations to ensure the entire process goes smoothly. Traci also provides information and support to surrogates from the first time they contact us until they are matched with a family. She assists them through their screening and prepares them to be matched.


Traci appreciates being part of a company that helps other families grow. She loves the supportive environment and the unique personalities that make every day interesting and fun. She is a mother to four rambunctious football and baseball-loving boys. When she’s off the clock, her favorite things are spending time with her family in Okoboji, hiking, camping in national parks, and going to museums.


Traci is honored to work with Emilee and Stephanie to bring intended parents and surrogates together for their exciting surrogacy journey.





Stephanie Witte
Case Manager

Stephanie is a 2x experienced gestational surrogate and all-around lover of the surrogacy community, joining our team in June 2022. As case manager, she works tirelessly to support our surrogates and intended parents throughout their journeys, gaining lifelong friends along the way.


Upon matching, you will find Stephanie at all stages of the process. She works with both the surrogate and intended parents during medical screening, contracts, transfer, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. She brings her first-hand knowledge of the process and does her best to ensure that every encounter is seamless and filled with love and compassion.


Stephanie is a military wife and the mother to 4 busy kiddos. She loves spending her spare time playing volleyball, hiking, and being active with her family.


(605) 681-6447




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