Gestational Surrogacy Over Traditional Surrogacy?

It is interesting to know how different these two surrogacy options are and the implications such difference might have on the entire process. While both serve the same purpose in offering fulfillment that comes with the ability to bear children to the childless, they can have different effects on both the Surrogate and Intended Parents. Nevertheless, their primary difference lies in egg donation whereby; while traditional surrogacy has the surrogate mother as the egg contributor, gestational surrogacy has three key players, the egg donor, the sperm contributor and the pregnancy host.


For instance, the traditional surrogate has blood ties to the child and can, therefore, can potentially lay claim over the surrogate child’s custody. On the other hand, a gestational surrogate has no biological attachment to the child and can therefore never lay claim to the custody of the child. This is mainly because the surrogate mother only serves as a pregnancy host without contributing any gamete to the life of the genetic composition of the child.


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